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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 6:34 pm
by Eriol Aelfwine
Here is a little description of our little project:
As I said it's a war game in middle-earth environment. Each player possess one of the various mid-third age middle-earth nations (Gondor, Dunland, Khand, Lindon, Umbar, etc).
This game is ran by an administrator (kind of a dungeon master really), He set each factions objectives and process any conflict, write turn summary and battle reports.
It's a turn based game, usually a turn last 1 week, so it's not fast paced but many thing can happen in a single turn.
the game is played over two places, the web interface which is code in php/mysql web pages it mainly serve to move army, produce new unit, keep track of information (like faction resources, alliances, turn information and many more).
The game is also played over a web forum for all diplomatic aspect, which most of the player see as the fun part.

Think of it as an online 'Civilization' type of game on Middle-earth with an attitude ;)

Currently the last LOTR game came to an halt and will soon start again (with brand new faction owner). Other type of game were played over the last two years (one based upon A game of Thrones, another of warcraft, a few based upon generic world).

Here is a link to an old game interface (based on a generic world that I ran), feel free to browse around :

Go over the unit map. That game version was still plagued with a few bugs that were corrected since then, so please indulge any you would see there.

As you will probably see, the interface did not want to break any frontier graphic wise. This game is definitively more for board gamers type and passionate players then your typical 3d first person shooter kind of player :D


PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2007 5:21 pm
by Vildar
That's really interesting Eriol. I had started work on something similar, except more based on adventure games than on strategy or war games.

It's an interesting concept with the diplomatic aspect being played out over the forums.

How does the Administrator work. What sort of interactions in the game does he have?

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 2:32 am
by Eriol Aelfwine
He decide when the turn start and stop. During turn unit have a limited amount of movement point that they can spent to move and engage army. Different army have different movement rate over specific terrain types.

Once a turn is over, he freeze it and usually start writing a turn reports scenario. Where he write the list of potential conflict and other generic event that may happen in the world.

Here is an example from a turn of the old LOTR game :
Situational Report January TA1601

Peace is shattered.

The Battle of Athelin

Angmar - The foul Witchking has long festered in his retreat at Carn Dum. He schemes and plans all manner of vile treachery. His lord Sauron is in hiding, the West is strong, even the three weakling states of Arnor seem to be thriving. But now the build up is over, the time is nigh. The West has grown complacent and now is the time to strike. The force assembled by the witchking is no overwhelming army, but with surprise and speed on it's side it may achieve what has eluded the Dark Alliance for long ages.

On the morning of the attack the army of Angmar is arranged in suitable marching order. With no parade or any form of decoration they set off. All in the force know that the fights ahead will be grim and desperate. Arthudain is powerful. perhaps unbeatable. Nevertheless the terror inspired by the Witchking far exceeds that of the fear of participating in a difficult battle. Army Group North (Angmar) AGNA sets off. The plan is simple, destroy Arthedain as a habitable land. The order that AGNA will attack will be first the town of Athilin, followed by Anglor, Gaenderch, Maenthiros and so on.

One week of marching saw the host on the outskirts of Athilin. Unknown to AGNA behind them arrived a Cardolan scout force at their "jump off" point the week before. The men of Cardolan would prove to be too late to send for help for the town of Athilin. AGNA is already taking up assualt positions when it is spotted by the garrison of Athilin. It is too late to evacuate the women and children. The garrison prepare for battle as in the distance the AGNA take stock of the approximate size of WA forces in Athilin and consider that destroying the town will not cause any delay in the invasion timetable.

In the town of Athelin [15, 45] the Gate Warden leaned on the wooden battlements that overlooked the gate, humming a tune whose name he did not know. The gates hung open to allow the coming and going of the people to the outlying fields that surrounded the town. All seemed ominously still, for no breeze stirred. The gate faced south and as the gate warden turned to rest his back on the battlements he started. For there seemed to be a dim gloom that hung far off in the sky, but it did not seem to be that of clouds. More like a creeping shadow of despair, that consumed the rays of the sun, and let none escape to cheer the hearts of men. A blast of icy wind came down from the North and almost knocked the bewildered man off the side of the wall. As he ran around the outer wall forever looking northwards into the ever growing dimness, he thought he could see far off, clouds of dust. Rising from the ground as if many feet were marching this way…

The Angmar commander General Kuragg arrived as the army began to slow having reached the outskirts of Athelin. He rode up quickly to the fore to assess the situation and whether to assualt the town or bypass it altogether. No enemy troops had been observed but Kuragg was no fool. There had to be a garrison present, possibly quite significant due to Athelin's proximity to Angmar. He had a tight schedue to keep but nevertheless decided to assualt just in case there were significant forces within. He had no intention of being pursued and harassed from the rear. "Hillmen, Infantry, Archers....forward....kill them all!"

Within 20 minutes the force was organised and began to advance. The centre moved slow as the flanks drifted to the right and left of Athelin. Activity was suddenly very much in evidence in the town. Horses were seen galloping up streets. Several Angmar archers archers even fired arrows in spite of the 500 yard range. It appeared barricades were being thrown up or reinforced. This had been a quick response. The garrison appeared well ready for attack and had rehearsed this many times. Fires were observed starting on both the north and south of the town. These quickly became serious blazes indeed. The smell of oil became overwhelming. The entire north and south approaches were, for the time being, unapproachable.

"Do we wait on the fires to go out General Kuragg? They attempt to channel our attack." "We have not the time, order a frontal"

The Hillmen which had moved to the flanks began to maneuver themselves to the fore when the first volley of Arthedain arows fell on a group at the point of the advance. More follow as the Hillmen charge the last 200 yards. 200 have fallen to arrows from various locations by the time they reach the first buildings in Arthedain. There are barricades across all the streets. Hillmen leap at them and are struck by enemy blades. There are troops defending them all. Hillmen in battle fury attack all along the line. Archers of Angmar hold fire due to the density of their infantry ahead. All the time the Arnorien archers are picking of Hillmen with impunity. Very few have been observed. Those that are withdraw from their positions and relocate. The frontage avaialable to the atackers is limited in width only alowing some 600 to attack at once. After several minutes of battling the defenders at the baricades, 41 Arthedain General Infantrymen have fallen for some 600 Hillmen. The entire first wave. General Kuragg is unaware of the losses and the lack of progress before the second wave is sent in. Heavy fighting results in a barricade collapsing under the pressure of the attack and a small breakthrough is achieved on a north street running east west. Casualties for the Hillmen are however again severe. The breakthrough at the northern street fills with a throng of Hillmen who appear to have spelled the doom of the defenders when charging down the street appear 25 Knights of Annuminas. Smashing into the Hillmen at a full gallop their charge is devastating and almost results in a rout amongst those Angmar troops. With 100 dead Hillmen beneath their hooves they switch from their lance to sword and fight with astonishing elan. In the crush of the street the sheer number of Hillmen begins to tell and the Knight begin to fail. As the last glorious Knight falls the Hillmen are faced with a new force marching in grim determination towards them. The front rank of Hillmen roar to inspire their courage as a volley of arrows drills into the first 5 ranks of them. The Arthedain Guards of Arnor charge and the battle is met. Suffering only 40 casualties the Guard push back and eventually break the Hillmen to their front. The Guard charge to the outskirts of the town and there encounter the next division of troops which General Kuragg has decided will participate. The Angmar infantry.

The loathsome orcs are massed just ahead of the infantry and only their presence halts a complete route of the hillmen. Anmgar archers fire at the Guards and the Infantry defending the barricades. Casualties are higher among the Arnor Infantry due to the very density of arrows fired. 50 are killed and some 17 Guards.

The Arthedain Archers appear quiet for a moment as they appear to be repositioning themselves. With some alarm the Arnorians observe that at last the flames to the north and south of the town are beginning to die out. General Kuragg observes this with some joy and orders forces to either flank. Whilst doing so he orders the frontal force to maintain the pressure so their ability to cover the flanks is inhibited. The Arthedain Archers have split into two coherent groups of 50 each to the north and south of the town. They are growing short of ammunition.

The battle at the east side of the town rages on as the Angmar Infantry are committed and the barricades are defended. The guards slaughter so many Angmar infantry that count is lost. The constant bombardment of arrows also takes it's toll. The defenders of the barricades fall back as the presure they were under was unsustainable. They form into defensive lines across the streets. They are struck by both Hillmen and Angmar Infantry. Arrows rain down on friend and foe alike. They still hold.

Meanwhile to the north and southern flanks the forces of Angmar have now fully deployed and begin double timing towards the town. Each flank is being assualted by some 1500 spearmen with 450 archers in support. Each flank is covered by 200 Arnor Infantry and 50 Archers. The Arnorians still have a reserve of 200 Militia and 25 more Knights of Annuminas. The Arnorians to the eastern end of the town are now however down to 120 Guards and 210 Arnor Infantry.

The Arnor archers fire at the spearmen on both flanks. The Angmar Spearmen charge at the defenders on both flanks. All the lines are hodling for the Arnorians but the lives of their men are being lost through attrition. For many minutes all is static but horrific in it's violence. Men and orcs die by the hundred and Arnorians by the dozen but still they fight on in spite of the overwhelming odds.

Standing up on the saddle of his horse the elderly but noble commander of the knights of Annuminas, looks left then right. To the north and south he sees a desparate struggle against overwhelming odds. A mere 50 men defend the north, only a few more the south. A throng of enemy spearmen and archers assualt both flanks. Well over a thousand in stregth. He urges his horse forward and charges down the main street. There he sees both Arnor Infantry and Guards fighting to the last breath. The way into the town is only minutes away for the vile army of Angmar. Perhpas as few as 20 Guards remain and 40 Arnor Infantry. He turns his steed and hurtles back to the rear of the village where the reserve are waiting with the rest of his Knight.

"Militia! Disperse into the homes and defend the women and chidren with your lives. Do not allow ANY to fall into the hands of the enemy." In a quieter voice he says "Better a swift death at the hands of a brave man". The Militia obey immediately. "Knights! We attack!" "Hurrah!" they shout in unison. Charging down the road at over 35 mph they smash into the enemy ranks. They kill hundreds before they fall.

Immediately after the destruction of the last Knights of Annuminas, the Angmar forces broke through on all flanks. Not because the defenders fell back or ran but because every single one of them had fought to the death.

The next hour was one not of glory but sheer terror as 200 Militia and 100 Arnorian Archers defended every house to the very last. By the end there was no life left in Athelin whatsoever. General Kuragg had everthing burnt in his wake as he continued his path of destruction through Arthedain. The next town beware.



Knights of Annuminas: 50
Guards of Arnor: 350
Arthedain Archers: 100
General Infantry: 1000
Arnorian Militia: 200


Hillmen 2910
Angmar Infantry 2160
Angmar Spearmen 600
Angmar archers 100

Other matters in Arthedain

Away in the West of the land of Arthedain, in the midst of a small, steep hill in the Weather Hills [14, 43], the Arnorian camp is stirring in the early morning sun. The men are going about their business preparing for the day, when the sentries spot a line of figures on the distant horizon. Immediately the alarm is sounded and the well drilled soldiers leap into action, preparing for battle and manning the defences. As they looked the dark shapes begin to wind their way slowly down the far-flung line of hills in a slender column. For some minutes the soldiers stare in anticipation, not knowing wither friend or foe approaches. Although outnumbered, the captain knows he has the advantage on the battlefield. For he has many archers, and hold the higher ground. The steep slope of their hill and the hastily constructed wooden palisade that encircled the encampment would hamper an attacker.

The approaching column came nearer and the Captain of the Arthedain forces could make out the shapes of men. “Halt!â€